How to Play Video Poker

Playing video poker online is very simple. While there are a number of variations that are available, the game is basically played the same. Players will find a machine they enjoy and place their bets. Machines will support various coin denominations and will allow players to bet as many as 5 coins per game. Players will then receive five cards and will have to build the best possible poker hand to receive cash payouts. The amount of the payouts will be based on the pay table for the specific game variation that is being played.

Variations of Video Poker Games

When accessing online casinos, players will find that most sites will offer at least 10 variations of video poker. The most common types of games are Jacks or Better and deuces Wild, but there are many other variations. Each variation will have a different pay table indicating which hands will offer payouts. Players will find a number of games that use wild cards as well as some video poker games that are linked to progressive jackpots. There are also a number of multi-hand video poker games that are supported in top rated online casinos, offering more action and higher payouts.

Single Line and Multi Line Video Poker

Most players who have played video poker in the past will be familiar with the single line games. These are those that players play one hand at a time and collect winnings on that hand alone. Recently, many online casinos have been offering multi line games. These are also referred to as multi-hand video poker games. With these, players will have the chance to play multiple games at one time. There are multi line games for most variations of video poker, allowing as many as 100 lines to be played at one time. These games can offer some spectacular payouts, but will cost more to play.

How Wild Cards Work in Video Poker

When players choose a video poker variation that uses wild cards, they will have better chances at creating winning hands. When a wild card is used, it can take the place of any other card in the deck. This will allow players to use a wild to complete any poker hand to generate cash payouts. Games that use wild cards will usually have smaller payouts for poker hands created, but players will find they will earn more payouts than playing a game that has no wild cards in use. Video poker games with wilds are preferred by many players and will usually attract many beginners because of the frequent payouts that are offered.